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James Shen of Shenanigans! turned on, tuned in, and dropped out in 2012. He quit his kush corporate job, sold his house, and started a mission to prove that Chinese Americans can make a name in the international DJ / Art scene. 




WestCoast Jeeves is the HipHop/G-House project of Shenanigans! You can expect everything from dark, groovy synth patterns to adult-oriented / gangsta rap samples mixed with a flurry of percussive elements that hit just hard enough to keep you rockin’ to the beat.




After working for pioneer house DJ Matt Darey (UK) (Armada / Black Hole / Nocturnal) as a music columnist and Web Producer, for a number of years; he analyzed the state of the scene and decided to make a name for himself instead of working behind the scenes. You can find his regular mix series “Party & Bullshit” at


He founded LA Street Art Gallery ( and hosts the popular Paint The Town Podcast ( with renown graffiti/street artist Teachr1 (


James is a veteran resident in the Southern California / Los Angeles House Music and Hip Hop DJ scene since 2002. James travels and plays music around the world. 

Performing with Varun (Perfecto) & DJ Tw33k aka Hybreed (Vectiva)

James has also DJed under the alias "kingjamz" for a number of years 


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